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Hooka Tray

An elegant addition to your dining table or bedside, this hand-hammered brass tray is crafted by Thathera metal artisans, who use a centuries old technique to create a beautiful, dual surfaced finish.


Use the Hooka Tray to serve cocktails or to hold candles and a vase of flowers. The interior of this tray is finished in a silver kalai finish, which provides food safety.

These brass trays are handmade and there may be variations to the surface. Designed by Ayush Kasliwal and created in Jaipur, India.

9.5” in diameter  |  Brass

Care: Hand wash with gentle dishwashing liquid and wipe with soft cotton to dry. Do not allow to air dry as spotting may occur. Use a brass polish to shine the exterior and interior – but wash carefully before serving food on the surface.